Part I: Do cats rule this planet?

Standing Ovation, Seated

Few people can resist the temptation to take a picture of a cute kitty or puppy, share or “like” one, and even fewer people would admit they have this frailty. Many complain other people clutter their Facebook page with cats, and then furtively re-post the syrupy images. Even if you are not afflicted personally by the plague, I am sure you have a friend who suffers from the CFHD (Canine-Feline Hypocrisy Disorder) in acute or chronic form.

Don’t be ashamed, if you are a sufferer yourself. Great artists were not immune to this highly contagious disease, and moreover, they are directly responsible for spreading it long before photography was invented.

No? You say, patient zero lived in Egypt millennia ago?


I’ll rephrase it: great artists were responsible for the relapse of this epidemic. Everyone knows the craze began with the long-dead Ancient Egyptians, who worshiped cats and wrote on walls (a living proof that human needs don’t change…

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