At that low point (part 1)

Feeling a bit down and out

Bout time I vent my thoughts,

Got caught, in between this ‘tug-O-war’ my mind, my heart

Doing battle, I’m not settled, feeling unsettled

Thinking why my days going around in a loop?

Routines, do that, do this, and “hey! Don’t forget to do the dish”

In need of a change of pace, envision a new place

Need a change in scenery, easygoing location being leisurely

Earning, gaining growing where life will be greener

Wishful thinking, wistful sinking life’s bit meaner

I’m at that low point, yeah at that low point, I repeat

My mind a mess, a bit stormy, I’m playing it out neat

Trying to erase my mind, rocking my head to some beat

I’m my own therapist

Fear my life will not move forward or everything else is moving forward

And I’m stuck looking towards the future as it disappear

I be the witness to everyone else success

Where did I go wrong? Or where didn’t I go wrong?

Be strong, asking the lord for strength

When I write I vent, on this day, a day within lent

That low point, dangerous, a deadly mystery

Call in the hardy boys or is it Nancy Drew?

I read through, I read the clues

I see beyond the eyes, I think beyond the mind

No one knows, anyone cares? Should I tell? Should I trust?

Should I fuss? Who is my plus?

The most not talked about, the least person to be count

Down and out

The Unspoken no Joking I am out of tokens for this game call life

It is not free, nor is it easy

Is it enough to feed me? Is it enough for me to see?


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