The World is….

The World is….

The world is poetry waiting to be written

Poetry waiting to be read, words waiting to be said

Minds waiting to be fed, think about it for a sec

The World is…

Poetry about love

Poetry about hate

Poetry about peace

Poetry about war, this one goes so far

The World is…

Poetry of about life

Poetry about death, somewhere between climbing the heavenly steps

Poetry about nature, time, lost, failure

Poetry of going beyond, poetry of the mind

So much, each of its own kind

The World is…

A story

Creatively, beautifully, dark,

Inspiration, motivation, depression, sad, tragic

Rhythmically dull, uplifting, heavy, and slow

Subtle, simple, sublime, sneaky

So much

The world is….

An open book with blank pages, waiting to be filled

The World is…


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