Story Time

Story Time

Thinking back, back when? Back then?

You mean when we use to give them desk a massage with the pen

Beats flowing from our hands, yeah we became great men

Building verses, remixes, laying back, we rehearse

No curses, poking fun at words, they claiming us to be nerds

This just what could have been, A day in our life chapter none

What if we became the sun? And took it to the sky

Could we take the world? Form a tropical storm?

Then become a hurricane while remaining insane, I mean calm?

We become enemies of the high ones, no we the fly ones

We are the sly ones, we were known, our name large

We were that Entourage, now we don’t exist

No we don’t do mixes, nor do we tune fixes

Now we are just words unspoken no I’m not joking

No provoking, why because we are the most unspoken of


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