True Feelings

Ever had that thought you were meant for me? I was meant for you?

I did, I saw the clues but I paid no attention, why? Is the sky blue? “This could have been us”

but everything went to dust, but I won’t fuss, I felt it was only lust, but something real

we live in a world run on fakes and shadow dwellers but that’s another story a another time

now we dream, you were my story, you were my adventure, my Journey, my direction

but not my destination

when I am ‘cold’ you are my heat

when I am hot you are my winter

when I am down you were my ladder

when I hid in the shadows, you brought me to the open

now I am here hoping you will hear these words unspoken

without regrets, without neglect. I admit 

“I miss you”


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